Saturday, February 18, 2012

Splatter Nails

This is my first tutorial! Yeah!!!
So I had nothing to do this afternoon and my nails were painfully uncolorful. I was searching the internet for a while to find something to do to my nails when I found a picture of splatter nails. It looked so cute and random that I had to do it.

What I'm using:
-Revlon- Powder Puff (base)
-Xtreme Wear- Gunmetal (splatter color)
-A Perfect "10"- Sweet Thang (splatter)
-A Perfect "10"- Oh Yeah (I think. I ripped the sticker with the color name off) (splatter)
-A paper plate
-A straw

First I painted all my nails with the white base coat. (My camera is not being very nice today.)

Then I put tape above my cuticles and on both sides of my nails. You might want to do this before you paint the nails white. I put tape on one hand before and the other after. It doesn't really matter.

After that I poured a tiny glob of each splatter nail polish color onto the paper plate. Then you dip the end of the straw a color. I started with the darkest color and got lighter. It doesn't matter what color you choose.

Once you've got nail polish on the end of the straw, blow on the non polish end and it should spray polish onto your finger nail. Do this over the plate! Some will get on the tape, but that's what the tape is for. It keeps  your fingers clean.

After your fingers have had a second to dry and they are all dry, carefully peel off the tape and *tada* you've got splatter nails. Mine are a little messy, even though I used tape. I'm wasn't that careful.

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