Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freaking Out

I'm freaking out. So in science the other day, we were talking about dominant and recessive traits. We did a whole bunch of tests about which traits we had. Ex.:
~Attached earlobes- nope
~Curly hair- yes
~Widows peak or straight hairline- widow's peak
Then the teacher passed out strips of paper with PTC (I keep saying PCT) on it. She had us all put it on our tongues at the same time. Everyone started making noises and saying that it tasted horrible and that it tasted bitter. But I couldn't taste anything at all!
Apparently, I have the recessive gene that doesn't let me taste PTC. Everyone told me I'm lucky because it tastes so bad.
Well, I just got some nail polish that tastes horrible to keep you from biting your nails. I put it on this morning and left it on there for a while. It smelled horrible in the bottle, but I didn't want to taste it. Later in the day, I put my finger in my mouth, but I didn't taste anything! I left it on my tongue, and I still didn't taste anything!
When I got home, I had my mom taste it (she was reluctant at first, but I finally convinced her to do it.) She said it didn't taste like anything, but it burned her tongue. I checked the label, and sure enough, the first ingredient is Cayenne peppers. But why can't I taste it?! I think my tongue is messed up or something. This is getting weird!!!


  1. Hi girl! Did you get your birthday package yet? And did you see the patchwork dress that Dana had in her last Saturday self portrait session? Do you like it? I might try making you one ... love you! Grams

  2. Yes to both. I think the package just got here today. The dress is cute!