Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Heat Curls

Last night after I washed my hair, I did the No Heat Curl with a Headband and it worked so well. My hair is naturally kind of curly and this morning my hair was so curly. I loved it. I think the new shampoo and conditioner really helped.

This is my hair last night. My mom took the picture. I was tired and ready for bed when the picture was taken.

And this is what my hair looked like this morning after I took the hairband out.  It was crazy curly. I can't get a good pictures of the curls
though. This is definitely how I'm going
 to get my hair curly from now on. I
usually put my hair in tiny buns when
it's wet to get curls in the morning. I
think this works a little better because
                                                  most of the curls are the same size.

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