Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

It's finally Spring Break! A week off of school! I have been sleeping a lot more than usual (I get up at six almost every morning, either due to school or habit). I'm up in Tennessee for the week at my grandparents house. A few minutes after we (my brother, my mom and me) got here, my grandparents had be playing clarinet and then on the keyboard we brought with us (I still can't believe we brought it with us).
Then after my aunt and cousins arrived, I had to perform the dances for Hard Knock Life, the HKL reprise, and Never Fully Dress without a Smile (my school is putting on Annie Jr. and I'm an orphan). It took us forever to find the right music on Youtube. I had to use a Swiffer Sweeper as a broom. That didn't work well.
My grandma had a surprise for me. Their preacher's wife (and the preacher) are very musically talented. She is going to come over this week to work on whatever kinda music stuff I want to work on, which will probably just be piano stuff. Hopefully I will be able to play with both hands at the same time. I can kinda play with both hands, but the left hand has to be really simple. ;p

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shower Accident

Turns out, your life really does flash before your eyes when you fall in the shower.
So, I had just gotten in the shower and my foot slid foreward. My arm scraped against the side of the shower, and my but hit the shower hard. It hurt so bad. I just sat there for a minute, stunned, then I started laughing. My mom ran to the door and asked if I was okay. I said that I was. But it still hurts to bed foreward. I have to squat to pick anything up because I can't bend over.
I need to get some adhesive ducks holdidng umbrellas for my shower. (For those of you who get that reference, you rule! Everyone else, look it up.)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Republican Phone Call

(Before I start, no, I can't vote, but my mom doesn't really have an opinion, so I'm trying to push my opinion on her.)
So the Republican Primary in Alabama is tomorrow, and so we've been getting a lot of phone calls from candidates. My mom has been hanging up on them, but I actually take them. This morning, I got a call from a group promoting Rick Santorum. A recorded voice asked me a bunch of questions such as:
-Do you have a favorable opinion of Barak Obama?
-Do you plan on voting for Rickc Santorum?
~Mitt Romney? (which I said yes to)
~Where do you stand on abortion.
Then the person told me all these things about how Mitt Romney changed his position on issues. The person's voice was recorded, but it's responce was based on how I answered the question.
While I was typing this, I got another call (again for Rick Santorum. I want a Romney call!). This one didn't ask questions. It was just promoting Rick Santorum. This one was a woman with a very southern accent.
I want to get a Romney call.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thirty-One Bag

My Thirty-One bag finally arrived! My mom had a Thirty-One party a few weeks ago and I ordered the Retro Metro bag in dark demin. It is monogramed in hot pink. It is so cute! I am going to use it as a school bag to hold all my binders.
It is really big. It has two outer pockets which are good sized. Inisde there is a large zipper pocket.
The pink thing inside is one of my binders. I couldn't resist putting my things in right away.
The thing I love most about this bag is how it isn't stiff. It is almost a little stretchy because it's made of denim. I really love that and I think it will work great for school.
What do you guys think of my new bag?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weird Ankle

I've recently come to the conclusion that my ankle is messed up. For the past week, I've noticed that whenever I run, my ankle pops. It doesn't feel like bones rubbing together. It feels like I fell and twisted it, but I don't fall. It just happens while I run. It hurts bad for about five minutes and then it's fine. It won't hurt at all.
I think I need to go to a doctor about this. I'm pretty sure that somethinng is wrong with my ankle. I'm scared to run now because I don't want to hurt it anymore.
Between first and second period, I was running/skipping to my math class, and my ankle popped/twisted again. It really hurt. I had to limp into my math class annd sit annd rub it for a feww minutes. Then it was fine. During P.E. I purposfully kicked ann out because I didn't want to run and risk getting hurt againn.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eyes- Selfie Portraits

I'm linking up again today. Today the theme is eyes. So I got up and started doing my makeup.
Totally natural eye. No makeup!

After I got my makeup on. I took this in the bathroom because it has the best light.

Kinds blurry.

Things I learned:
~The bathroom has the best light.
~My hair curls very quickly if I don't blow dry it and straighten it straight out of the shower (I took a shower this morning before I did this).
Also, I have Solo & Ensamble today. My partner is a little sick, but we're going to try today. Wish us luck!

Friday, March 2, 2012


For my birthday, my parents rented Anonymous and ordered pizza. I had been dying to see this movie. Ten minutes in, my mom and brother left. Then it was juse me and my dad watching it. It started out okay. I liked it. I understood it.
But then they added inn about seven different story lines and nine zillioin flashbacks and backstories. I got very confused very quickly. I liked the movie, but I barely understood i.t. I got the just of it; Shakespear didn't write anything, the Earl did. The queen didn't have a heir, so two different sides fought to put someone they wanted on the throne.
That's about where my understanding ends. There are too manny characters and to much stuff going on that is technically necessary to the plot, but it just confuses me. Maybe if the movie had gone in chronilogical order, it would havve made more sence, but they had to start at the end of the story line, got back in time, flash even nfarther back, more foreward some, then go back again. Too much back oand forth.
Long story short, don't watch this movie unless you are prepared to devote to it your entire, undivided attention. Or you will get confused.

My Birthday

For my birthday, my parents woke me up early and had me open all my presents in my bed. I was about to fall asleep. I was tired. Anyway, I got a lot of clothes and shoes. Then one of the bags started ringing while I was opening it. It was a phone! I was so happy. It's a blue Verizon phone. With unlimited texting! My friends have been pestering me about when I'm going to get a phone, and now I have one. I love it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Makeup Wednesday Announcement

During lunch today, me and my friends (Morgan, Makayla, and Ashton) had a great idea. Every Wednesday, we are not going to wear any makeup and we aren't allowed to straighten or curl our hair. Everything has to be natural. This all sounded great at the time. Then Morgan pointed out that I won't be allowed wear eyeliner. That will be so hard. I'm going to have to give my mom all my eyeliner on Tuesday and tell her not to give it back to me no matter how much I cry, scream or beg.
Other than the eyeliner problem, this seems like an awesome idea.
And tonight, we are supposed to wash our hair and put it in two french braids. We are all going to have our hair curly/ crimped.
I am looking forward to Wednesday!