Friday, July 13, 2012

New Organizer

I've been on an organization kick this past few weeks (I categorized and alphabetized our DVD drawer, and alphabetized my book shelves recently.)  My brother cleaned out part of his room yesterday, and he pulled a white, plastic organizer out of his bedroom. I immediately stole it. It had some sharpie and pencil on it, but I cleaned it up with a Magic Eraser. Then I went at it with a black Sharpie, drawing swirly patterns on the front of the little drawers. So here are some pictures!
This is it! It took me about five minutes to clean the organizer, and it took me about ten minutes to draw all the swirly patterns. 

I have little buckets on top of the organizer to hold all my brushes. The one on the left has all my face brushes, and the one on the right has all my eye brushes. I need to get something to put in the bottom of the buckets to keep all the brushes from falling over. Behind that I have a tiny brush compact thingy. And then the other two buckets just hold hair stuff. 
The top drawer holds all my lips stuff. (The black wallet thing has lip glosses in it).
The next drawer holds *most* of my eye stuff. It has my eyeliner, primer, mascara, eyeliner sharpener, tweezers,  and my tiny eyeshadow pallets. The big ones are still in my top dresser drawer.
The third drawer has my face stuff. It holds concealer, foundation, blush, powder, bronzer, and oil blotting sheets. I put the items I use most often in the front of the drawer. The cheaper, ELF tinted moisturizer is in the back.
 The bottom drawer is random hair stuff, face cleansing wipes, and deodorant. I also put some medicine in it after I took the picture. 
So that's my recent makeup organization! It makes my dresser much cleaner.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hair Highlights

I know I haven't been on here in a while, but I haven't had a lot going on.
But about a week ago I got my hair highlighted! Finally!
Well, my hair is naturally blonde, but it's been turning brown. I had my hair dyed red with Kool-Aid before that, so the lady who did it put a base color of light brown on the layers of my hair that she didn't bleach. Now my hair is part light brown and part bleach blonde. My hair used to be this light naturally, but it had been getting darker.
 And the hair in the under sections look a little darker in the picture than they are.
Well I really like the new color. Getting it done took longer than I expected but it was fun!