Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

It's finally Spring Break! A week off of school! I have been sleeping a lot more than usual (I get up at six almost every morning, either due to school or habit). I'm up in Tennessee for the week at my grandparents house. A few minutes after we (my brother, my mom and me) got here, my grandparents had be playing clarinet and then on the keyboard we brought with us (I still can't believe we brought it with us).
Then after my aunt and cousins arrived, I had to perform the dances for Hard Knock Life, the HKL reprise, and Never Fully Dress without a Smile (my school is putting on Annie Jr. and I'm an orphan). It took us forever to find the right music on Youtube. I had to use a Swiffer Sweeper as a broom. That didn't work well.
My grandma had a surprise for me. Their preacher's wife (and the preacher) are very musically talented. She is going to come over this week to work on whatever kinda music stuff I want to work on, which will probably just be piano stuff. Hopefully I will be able to play with both hands at the same time. I can kinda play with both hands, but the left hand has to be really simple. ;p

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  1. Sorry the music lesson didn't work out ... hopefully you will be here enough this summer to get several of them done! I enjoyed having you here last week!