Friday, March 2, 2012


For my birthday, my parents rented Anonymous and ordered pizza. I had been dying to see this movie. Ten minutes in, my mom and brother left. Then it was juse me and my dad watching it. It started out okay. I liked it. I understood it.
But then they added inn about seven different story lines and nine zillioin flashbacks and backstories. I got very confused very quickly. I liked the movie, but I barely understood i.t. I got the just of it; Shakespear didn't write anything, the Earl did. The queen didn't have a heir, so two different sides fought to put someone they wanted on the throne.
That's about where my understanding ends. There are too manny characters and to much stuff going on that is technically necessary to the plot, but it just confuses me. Maybe if the movie had gone in chronilogical order, it would havve made more sence, but they had to start at the end of the story line, got back in time, flash even nfarther back, more foreward some, then go back again. Too much back oand forth.
Long story short, don't watch this movie unless you are prepared to devote to it your entire, undivided attention. Or you will get confused.

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