Thursday, February 23, 2012


My birthday is on Friday (not tomorrow, the 2nd of March) and I can't wait. I will finally be a teenager! I am so excited. I didn't have a birthday party last year (it kept getting put off longer and longer, and eventually we just gave it up) so I am really excited for this year.
This year I was planning on having three friends go to a movie with me and then out to dinner. But that got changed because there were no good movies in theaters on my birthday(my B-Day's a Friday so we are doing it the day of). So then we changed it to the three of them coming over to hang out and watch movies and do whatever we want to. Well one of my friends had to cancel because she wasn't going to be at her mom's house that weekend. So now we're down to two friends and a movie at my house. It would be a sleepover but my mom isn't a big fan of sleepovers.
Starkid has confirmed that they are doing a A Very Potter Threequel!!!!
Now for those of you who don't know what Starkid is, they are a drama troupe group (haha rhyme). THey have already done two Harry Potter parody musicals and they can be found on Youtube or on their website here. I also *just* found out they are doing a B@tman parody. It will be out in Spring of 2012. The Harry Potter one is supposed to be out sometime in 2012 too. I am so excited.

I just realized that there are no pictures on here, so I will put up some Team Starkid pictures.

<--He plays Harry. Darren Criss
 He plays Ron (I love him!!) ---------------->
Joey Ritcher. (He wears a wig in the shows)

                                       Whole Cast!  -------------------->

Later Guys! I'm in a good mood now! <3


  1. This sounds to me like you really don't want to spend your birthday with us! Is that accurate?

  2. No, I just haven't had a birthday party in 2 years and I'm excited.