Friday, April 20, 2012

My Organized Makeup

Here are the pictures! I am so proud of myself!

(Ignore the back stuff. It's just extra junk.)
This is all my makeup. I somehow got everything to fit. This is just a pictures of everything together.

These are all my brushes.  The pale, tan-ish thing is the pack of five brushes. The rest of the brushes are all Elf brushes. I LOVE them! Elf is great!

This is all of my face and eye stuff (other than the eyeshadow. I just barely squeezed everything in here. The drawer is luckily deep enough that the two liquid eyeliners can sit straight up. I had to lay my foundation down to make it fit.
This is all of my lip stuff. Most of it is Elf, but I have two 'real people' lipsticks. They are both pretty pinks. I have the Hypershine glosses in about every color.
These are my eyeshadow pallets. I love them so much! The 144 piece eyeshadow pallet is my baby. It has so many different colors. Some are sparkly and some are matte. The white pallet on top of the black pallet and the 144 pallet is my brand new pallet. I just got it today, along with the brushes. It has 32. It is the cool version of the pallet. There is a warm version too.

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  1. Is the rest of your room as organized as your makeup drawer? Then there is still work to do!

    Love you sweet girl!