Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brushes Review

(The numbers just go from left to right. The far left one is number one. The far right one is number ten. And y'all can figure out the rest.)
This is a picture of all the brushes I got. I put all of them back into the plastic thing just for y'all. I know I didn't put them in the thing exactly right, but I did the best I could. The picture is not the best, sorry.
 I managed to use all of them doing my makeup this morning. It was difficult. So I am gonna do a Review for each one of them.
(I just realized I put these brushes in a bad order. They aren't in the order I used them, so I am going to skip around with the numbers)
Brush 5 is the first brush I used. It is technically the Eye Liner Brush, but that's not what I like using it as. I used it as a Concealer brush (which they actually gave me. It is number 6). Brush 5 is bigger than brush 6, so I feel like it works better for concealer.
Brush 2 is the Foundation Brush. I actually already had one of these, and I love it. It feels so good on your face and works great. I've had mine for a long time now, and it still works great. (I am still using the old one. I am saving the new one for when the old one stops working.)
Brush 6, as said above is technically the Concealer brush. It is small, so it feels weird using it under my eyes to spread concealer. I am now using it as an Eye Liner Brush. I have really long eyeliner, and getting liquid eye liner on around my eyelashes is difficult. But it is so easy using this tiny brush. I love it!
Brush 1 is the Total Face Brush. I used it to put on pressed powder. The bristles feel so good on your face. It works really well. (I don't usually use pressed powder.)
Brush 10 is the Blush Brush. I don't ever use blush, even though my mom always tells me to. I didn't have any blush. My mom got me makeup for my birthday, and she got me blush. So I used it today. The brush is angled, and made of the same bristles as Brush 1.
Brush 7 is the Eye Shadow Brush. It is rounded at the top, and the bristles are very, very soft. It worked awesome.
Brush 8 is the Smudge Eye Sponge. I used it to smudge my eyeliner into the dark eye shadow right next to the eyeliner. It worked well, but I don't think I'm going to use it everyday. I don't smudge stuff that much.
Brush 3 is a Brown Comb and Brush. I used it to fix my eyebrows. I'll probably won't use it everyday, because I don't do that to my eyebrows all the time, but it works really well.
Brush 4 is one of my favorites. It is an Eyelash and Brown Wand. I have wanted one of these for a long time. I don't like using mascara everyday because I don't like how it makes my lashes feel. With this wand, I can separate my eyelashes without having a bunch of mascara goop on my lashes. I love it.
Brush 9 is a Lip Defining Brush. I definitely won't use this everyday because I usually only wear chap stick, but it works very well.
So, overall, I am very pleased with the kit. I only paid ten dollars for it! It is a steal.

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